1. A CRATE: Besides the crate acting as a safe sanctuary for dogs, they are an excellent tool for potty training and for bedtime.
  2. A BED: Creating a comfy crate for bedtime is important and puppies love to chew so purchasing a mat-style bed rather than one with stuffing is safer.
  3. A LEASH: I prefer a 6 foot leather training leash and never suggest a retractable leash for a puppy.
  4. PUPPY FOOD: Find out what your puppy is eating before you get him/her, that way you can prepare to have this food at home.
  5. PUPPY ID: Acquire a puppy tag with your dogs name and a good phone number to reach you.
  6. COLLAR: For the tightness and snugness of the collar, it’s always suggested that you should be able to put two of your fingers easily in the collar when it is on your puppy.
  7. CHEW TOYS & TOYS: Puppies love to put everything into their mouth and chewing on things they’re not supposed to can happen fast if they’re not provided with chew toys.
  8. BABY GATES & GROOMING TOOLS: The baby gates are kind of obvious. For grooming tools, you’ll most likely be using a brush the most. What ever your grooming routine will be it’s important to introduce your puppy to each tool very slowly. With nothing more than actually meeting a new grooming tool after they smell it on their own, is all that is recommended for your puppy to slowly build the confidence needed to enjoy being groomed.