Reviews for Errol & Tia Dog Training

“Susan watched our pets (three cats and a dog) for the week from Christmas to New Year’s. She was terrific! She gave us regular updates with photos and accommodated our dog’s special needs (walks of several miles a day). She made sure that we were on the same page about departures and arrivals, double-check that she had her instructions, and was extremely professional. She even emptied the litter boxes which was GREATLY appreciated! In addition, Susan was clearly a REAL “dog person.” Our neighbor told me that Susan and our dog met our neighbor’s dog While walking. Susan was very cautious since Elsie isn’t her dog and only allowed them to meet when the neighbor assured her the dogs were friends.”
– Beej Witkin

“Susan has done an amazing job helping me to train Holly to be less reactive on the leash. Holly was attacked several times while walking as a young pup and became reactive to any dog that pass by. With Susan‘s help, Holly and I are able to walk on a loose leash and pass other dogs multiple times on her walks around the neighborhood without reaction. Susan has a wealth of knowledge about dogs and their behavior and has helped me learn many small tricks to help keep Holly safe and responsive in a variety of settings I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done to help Holly be more comfortable on her walks and to help me feel better about bringing her around other dogs.”
– Rachel Meinel

“We were hesitant to hire another dog trainer. Then last summer during the pandemic our 4yr. old lab Bruno was consistently running off our property towards people walking with their dogs. Being that we are a multigenerational home, our youngest and my parents sometimes have trouble remembering to close the doors. After our first training session with Susan, we were on board with her lesson plan. Within a few meetings, the behavior exercises worked and we reestablished the reward of the Come Command with our amazing Bruno! We couldn’t thank Susan enough for bringing peace of mind back to our home!”
– Mark Stiers

“Susan is amazing with dogs. My pup was a striker when we walked… I’d find myself carrying him back every time we went out. That had to stop since he’s 40 pounds now. Susan stop the striking in one lesson and even better she helped me learn how to keep it from happening. The constant tips and tricks are so welcome and as new little things pop up then I’m not sure how to navigate. Her work with both the seeing eye and with troubled dogs makes her equipped for any scenario.”
– Chris I

“I’m a new pet owner, and I had to go out of town for business. So, I called and was put at ease right away. The owner was polite, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. My little lab, Chloe, took to her instantly. I knew I had picked the right pet sitter.”
– Barbara