Dog Training Services

Raleigh dog trainer Susan Alvin provides one-on-one and group dog training classes in Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas. Whether you need basic obedience training or help eliminating unwanted behaviors, Errol & Tia sets out to elevate your comprehension of dog behavior.

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Dog Training Packages

Errol & Tia will transform your knowledge and enhance your relationship with your dog

Errol & Tia believes in doing no harm in our dog training sessions. We focus on positive reinforcement methods and administering corrections using the proper body language, vocalizations, and eye contact during dog training. We teach you the importance of the relationship with your puppy and how to have actual communication.

1-on-1 dog training sessions are offered in packages of 5, 10 or 20 sessions

Dog Training

This is geared for those clients who only need to brush up on their dog behavior knowledge and methods for effective basic obedience skills.

Or for clients who need to work on a few behavioral issues they need help eliminating.

  • 5 day intensive to start – 1 hour each day

  • Follow up 1 hour sessions once a week for 4 weeks

  • Support calls, texts, and “homework” to support you along the way!

10 or 20 PACK
Dog Training

Are the most popular training packages for folks who need to start obedience training or are dealing with some behavioral issues.

Whether you need 10 or 20 session package will be easy to access after having a detailed phone consultation

  • 1 hour session once a week for 5 weeks

  • Action plan for the skills we want to work on

  • Support calls, texts, and “homework” to support you along the way!

Dog Training

Just a few things you want to work on? Design your own training sessions!

Schedule a 15 minute consultation with Susan to determine training plan and scheduling.

  • A plan customized to you and your dog

  • Support calls, texts, and “homework” to support you along the way!

Looking for group dog training classes?

What you should expect to accomplish during one month of sessions with Errol & Tia:

  1. We will teach you to be able to use the correct body language, eye contact, and vocalizations.
  2. You will understand the importance of your dogs essential resources and how to provide them in such a way that it kicks starts pack-drive in your puppy or dog.
  3. The basic obedience commands. Your dog will learn to sit and stay, the perfect recall, the down and stay (which I find to be the most useful of all obedience commands), to walk with a loose leash, to heel, the go to your place command, handling prey drive properly, and much more!
  4. To learn to socialize your dog not only to other people, dogs and animals but to different situation’s, different types of floors, closed and open stairs, elevators, crowded public places and outdoor events.
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Puppy Training

Have a new member of the family? Work with dog trainer Susan on all those important new puppy skills with a 5 day intensive followed by weekly appointments to continue to progress.

1-on-1 Skills Training

Great for learning new skills or targeting behaviors that need correction. Local dog trainer Susan will custom tailor a plan to meet your needs.

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A la Carte Dog Training

Need to work on certain skills or obedience issues, this option allows you to design the program that works best for you and your dog!

Schedule a call with Susan to discuss the type of training and schedules.

Group Classes!

Group classes give you and your dog time to work on focus and reactivity to distractions around them.

Group classes are a time where we work on exercises to help with:

  • basic obedience and focusing on impulse control
  • lunging and leash pulling when your dog sees another dog, rabbit, etc while on a walk
  • teaching your dog to heal
  • reducing or eliminating reactivity in your dog around other dogs and people
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pet sitting and dog walking

Alumni Perks!

Clients of Errol & Tia have exclusive access to dog walking and pet sitting services!

Susan offers dog walking and dog sitting services for previous training clients only. It’s wonderful to have someone your dog knows and trusts caring for your pet while you’re away. It’s also a great time to schedule a quick skills brush up!