Your Dog Is Bored

Does your dog spend long hours on her own? Is she bored out of her fuzzy little mind? Mental stimulation for your dog is just as important as regular exercise. So if you’re not around most of the day, your dog is lacking exercise and mental stimulation. What’s worse, in your absence, your dog may begin to go a tad stir-crazy, which can lead to other behavioral and health issues. Dogs are smart, social animals. They love to be around their favorite people are playing as part of a group. Many dogs were even bred to perform duties for their people, so if you have one of these [...]

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11 Essential Things To Do Before You Bring Home A New Puppy

Any time you introduce a new puppy into your life, it feels like a celebration. The anticipation leading up to the day you finally bring your new dog home is both thrilling and a little nerve-wracking. Because, with a new pup, comes all the things you need to arrange and do, to ensure its introduction to the family is a smooth process. So, to make things a bit easier,  I’ve prepared this handy list of things to do before your pup comes through the door…so you can enjoy your new dog without any surprises! Here are 11 Puppy Tips: How to Prepare for Your New Puppy Once you’ve made [...]

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Tips for Curing Dog Separation Anxiety

It’s cute when your dog is attached to you like velcro. They’d love to spend every moment basking in your glorious presence. But when that adorable attachment turns destructive, you might have a case of separation anxiety on your hands. And curing dog separation anxiety can be quite the task…but it’s doable. Read on to learn more about what dog anxiety is, and how you can help your dog cope. What is Dog Separation Anxiety? The term separation anxiety wasn’t muttered much in the dog world until recent years. More and more dog owners have become familiar with the term, and what it means. When fur parents return [...]

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The Puppy Checklist

A CRATE: Besides the crate acting as a safe sanctuary for dogs, they are an excellent tool for potty training and for bedtime. A BED: Creating a comfy crate for bedtime is important and puppies love to chew so purchasing a mat-style bed rather than one with stuffing is safer. A LEASH: I prefer a 6 foot leather training leash and never suggest a retractable leash for a puppy. PUPPY FOOD: Find out what your puppy is eating before you get him/her, that way you can prepare to have this food at home. PUPPY ID: Acquire a puppy tag with your dogs name and a good phone number [...]

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