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A History of Loving Animals

I have been surrounded by animals my entire life. Throughout my childhood, my father would bring home numerous dogs over the years that were homeless or treated badly. I would then socialize with them, fix them up, love them, and find them homes.

A Volunteering Heart

From an early age, I was fortunate to learn indelible principles by observing my family’s continuous support of our community from volunteering in everything from my mother serving for years as an EMT for the town’s ambulance, my uncles as volunteer firemen, to helping run the local polling station during elections. I took on many rewarding volunteer positions for great organizations from Meals On Wheels to Habitat for Humanity in Philadelphia, raising two puppies for The Seeing Eye and volunteering at the Burlington County Animal shelter in NJ.

Experience Establishing Trust

To have a harmonious relationship with our dogs, we as people must remain calm and assertive, so our pets stay calm and submissive. When we easily have that leadership energy with our four-legged friends, our shared knowledge of each other grows exponentially.

I offer competitive salaries to skilled employees and a stress-free, positive work environment. Where going to work is another weekly opportunity to align oneself with the benefits of being in the present moment while being outside. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Call (919) 455-4984 today!

Susan Alvin

Susan Alvin


For us, every day is another opportunity to align ourselves with the benefits of being in the present moment while being outside in nature walking, playing, and loving animals.

Our Services

Errol and Tia provides professional and reliable dog training and pet sitting services in Cary, NC while you are away from home.

Puppy Training Services

The initial consultation is free, where we would create a program tailored to your schedule and the puppy’s needs.

Puppy training services are designed to make you more confident with your new dog and to create a safe, loving, nurturing home for your puppy and your family.

Contact Us Here or Call (919) 455-4984 today for a free consultation

Dog Walking Services

A Half Hour visit is available. This service includes a 20 to 25 minute walk for exercise including lots of affection, and refill of water bowls and a double check while locking up when leaving your home.

A Forty Five Minute visit includes a vigorous 30 minute walk, lots of play and love inside your home or yard for 10 minutes of play time, a refill of water bowls and our standard double check for locking up when leaving your home.

A Late Night Potty Break includes a quick 5-10 minute walk, some nighttime affection, a treat if allowed, we refill the water bowls and absolutely double check your home’s security on the way out. This Fifteen Minute service is available between 9pm-10:30pm.

Contact Us Here or Call (919) 455-4984 today for a free consultation

Pet Sitting Services

Errol and Tia provides professional and reliable pet-sitting services while you are away from home.

We start breakfast at 7am and we finish the last late night potty break at 10:30pm

Errol and Tia also offers daily half hour walks for those that need a dog-walker 4-5 days weekly. We offer the daily 30 minute walks.

Errol and Tia provide and only use biodegradable dog bags priding ourselves in being good stewards of the environment.


MEAL TIMES : always include being fed breakfast or dinner and cleaning the animal bowls, changing the water, a brisk 12-15 minute walk, lots of love and affection, turning off or on lights if required and a definite lock up and double check of your home’s security. Meal times last about 30 minutes.

BREAKFAST: Starts at 7am ending at 9:30am

DINNER: Services are offered in between 4:30pm – 7pm

Contact Us Here or Call (919) 455-4984 today for a free consultation

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Our Experience

Dogs reward us with their pure unconditional love and companionship

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Unconditional love

Having fun


Satisfied Customers

What our customers are saying...

I'm a new pet owner, and I had to go out of town for business. So, I called and was put at ease right away. The owner was polite compassionate and very knowledgeable. My little lab Chole took to her instantly. I knew I had picked the right pet sitter.

Barbara Cary, NC

Sample Package Options

We can customize to fit your needs.
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  • Daily short or long term
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • One Forty-five minute visit
  • A late night potty break
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  • Meal Packages

  • Meals delivered and served
  • Breakfast or Dinner
  • 30-minute meal times
  • Clean animal bowls
  • Changing water
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  • Visit Packages

  • Training /Calm and Assertive
  • Consultation is free
  • Puppy or Adult dogs
  • Single dog, or up to 3
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    Schedule a Meet and Greet

    When it’s time to leave your beloved dog in the hands of a stranger, it’s important to be able to trust the dog walker you are handing the leash over to.